Registration is now available for two non-credit, online Additive Manufacturing (AM) certificates, offered by Purdue Online, College of Engineering in collaboration with the Purdue School of Materials Engineering and The Barnes Group Advisors (TBGA), a Pittsburgh-based consulting company providing… Read More
Purdue Online, College of Engineering, is excited to host the dean of Professional Education at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Nelson Baker for a workshop on March 21. Under Dr. Baker’s leadership, Georgia Tech Professional Education has steadily expanded, now serving more than 36,000… Read More
Purdue’s School of Engineering Education (ENE), the first of its kind, was established with a mission “to transform engineering education based on scholarship and research.”  In addition to Master’s and Ph.D. programs, ENE offers a 10-credit hour graduate certificate, Teaching and Learning in… Read More
A new electronic “Design for Security” badge, offered in new collaboration between Intel Corporation and Purdue University, emphasizes using secure design principles throughout the product development lifecycle.   “Intel and Purdue University are leading the charge in improving tomorrow’s… Read More
The academic excellence of Purdue Online Learning, College of Engineering, was on display during its “Awareness Week”, Oct. 9-12, which showcased its new name and online program offerings at Wang Hall.  The event was open to faculty, students, staff and the public-at-large.  This celebratory week… Read More
The year will be the most exciting yet for Purdue Online, College of Engineering.  Over the past year, we have conducted an extensive assessment of online learning. One of the main initiatives for the coming year is increasing Purdue Online collaboration with colleges and schools across Purdue… Read More
An Additive Manufacturing Certificate offered in collaboration with an industry leader and Purdue's College of Engineering will soon be available through Purdue Online Learning. The program will give working professionals and students an opportunity to study industry case studies and stay current… Read More
Elisabeth Schwartzers’ job title is a mouthful. She is a 2.7L/3.0L Nano Valvetrain Design and Release Engineer for Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. “It’s a lot of words to say that I’m responsible for overseeing a set of components within a set of engines,” Schwartzers says. She oversees… Read More
Purdue Online Learning, College of Engineering, leads a growing trend. The same programs that keep Purdue’s engineering college top-ranked puts "Purdue Online Learning, College of Engineering", ("POL, CoE") at the top of the rankings, too. In fact, U.S. News & World Report listed Purdue’s… Read More