December 16, 2016

Outstanding staff members in Materials Engineering recognized by College and University

We are pleased to announce that Donna Bystrom has received the university-wide Eudoxia Girard Martin Memorial Staff Recognition Award.

This award is made annually to a woman staff member who, in the performance of her duties, has demonstrated those personal qualities of heart, mind and spirit that evince a love for and helpfulness to students , staff, and faculty.
December 15, 2016

Outstanding staff member in Materials Engineering recognized by College and University

Another one of our dedicated and loyal staff members were recently recognized for their achievements and impact on the Purdue community by the University and the College of Engineering.

Vicki Cline was recently recognized  by the College of Engineering for her work in student advising as a finalist for the Administrative Professional Customer Service award.  Nominated by Prof. Anter El-Azab, her dedication to helping students and working closely with faculty to keep students on track to graduation and engaged in their courses was noted as exceptional across the college.

December 14, 2016

Machine learning enables predictive modeling of 2-D materials

Machine learning, a field focused on training computers to recognize patterns in data and make new predictions, is helping doctors more accurately diagnose diseases and stock analysts forecast the rise and fall of financial markets.
December 1, 2016

Materials Engineering Faculty Features on WLFI-TV

A Purdue-affiliated startup has developed a low-cost, low-maintenance slow sand water filter technology to better provide clean and safe drinking water to schools and communities in developing countries around the world.

Maji Safi International LLC, which means clean water in Swahili, was founded by John Maiyo, a doctoral student in Purdue's College of Engineering. Chad Jafvert, a professor of civil engineering and environmental and ecological engineering; and John Howarter, assistant professor of materials engineering and environmental and ecological engineering, are company advisers.

November 15, 2016

Purdue Building Materials at the Forefront of Engineering

Hive features MSE Professor, Jeffrey Youngblood, CE Professor, Pablo Zavattieri, and Yizheng Cao, Purdue Ph.D. student as part of a group of scientists focused on cellulose nanocrystals brought together by the US Forest Service, the National Science Foundation and Purdue University.

They discovered a stronger, more flexible alternative to concrete. The group was recognized as a HIVE 100 Innovator in September because of the impact this innovation will have on housing.

October 21, 2016

Engineering professors elected APS Fellows

Four Purdue Engineering professors (five professors in total at Purdue) were nominated and selected as fellows of the American Physical Society for "their exceptional contributions to the field of physics."
September 30, 2016

iNEMI Report on the State of Metals Recycling

Global SMT recently posted a a journal written by MSE Professor Carol Handerwerker on, "The State of Metals Recycling". Handerwerker's work with metals recovery from electronic product recycling is focused on high-volume and most valuable metals that are recoverable in an economically feasible way.
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