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Plans of Study and Faculty Advising

All MSE students must maintain their own plan of study for their BS MSE degree program on specific forms that are provided on the MSE 390 Blackboard site or made available to you if you are offsite for period (i.e. study abroad, co-op, etc.). These electronic forms should be stored where they can be accessed each semester and edited as required. While you are advised each semester by a member of the faculty, you are ultimately responsible for your plan of study. The undergraduate manual is your best resource for designing a plan of study. Be diligent to check your general education electives with respect to the guidelines imposed by the department.

If you are planning to participate in Study Abroad you should meet with Vicki Cline as soon as possible to discuss your Plan of Study. It will vary depending on the study abroad locale that you choose.

The links below may be used to help you assemble or update your Plan of Study for the coming semester.


Sophomores and new transfers should work with Vicki Cline to fill in all course work completed and have a viable plan for completing all the remaining requirements before seeking approval from Prof. Spitzer. It is not necessary to have identified specific general education or technical electives, but you should complete the plan indicating when you plan to take these courses.

Juniors are assigned a specific faculty advisor. The primary purpose of advising in the junior year is to finalize the technical electives plan of study.

Seniors must also have approval from a faculty advisor that their final semester plan of study will meet all the requirements for graduation.