Plan of Study

Each graduate student admitted to a degree program must file a Plan of Study (POS). A formal Plan of Study should be created as early as feasible in the student's career because it guides a student's academic degree progress. A plan of study is an academic contract among a student, the faculty members of the advisory committee, and the Graduate School. All departmental and Graduate School policies related to the filing of a Plan of Study must be adhered to explicitly.

To begin your plan of study, students should go to the "My Purdue" website login, then choose the "Academic" tab.  Once you've selected the academic tab, find at the bottom of the center column a box that indicates "Graduate Students", Graduate School Plan of Study.  Follow the directions for the Plan of Study generator.

To return to the plan of study, repeat the steps for creating a new plan of study.  (Future changes to the plan of study can be accomplished by following the same steps, but selecting the "change to plan of study" option.)  You do not need to complete the entire form in one sitting; you may save your plan of study and return to it later. You may not bookmark any pages within the Graduate School link. 

When you have completed your plan of study and feel it is ready for review of your advisory committee, submit your plan as a Draft. All plans of study must first be submitted as Draft before you can submit your plan as a Final. While your plan is in Draft status, review the information with your advisory committee and your departmental coordinator to ensure that it satisfies department and Graduate School policies. Use your draft as a basis to discuss your academic and research goals with your advisory committee members. The electronic process does not, in any way, replace the personal communication needed between a student and their advisory committee. Once your entire committee has verbally accepted your plan of study, return to the POSG and submit your plan as "Final." The plan of study form will be electronically routed, reviewed and, if approved, signed by the departmental coordinator, your advisory committee and the graduate school. You may check the status of your plan at any time by returning to the POSG and click on the View link.

Once the Graduate School has approved your plan of study, you should check it every semester to monitor your academic degree progress.

For additional information in completing your plan of study more efficiently refer to the following links: