Materials Engineering Graduate Program

We are pleased you are interested in studying Materials Engineering at Purdue University.

The MSE graduate program emphasizes the application of the basic sciences to the understanding of the structure, properties, and processing of materials.  Programs of study are designed to broaden and deepen the student’s knowledge of those parts of the field which are of most universal applicability. The School offers degrees not only in the fields of Materials Engineering but also in other engineering and science fields.  Students are encouraged to apply early in the fall term.  Admission is based upon prior performance and projected success as indicated by undergraduate scholastic performance, industrial work experience, and recommendations from those most familiar with the student’s record. Admission is based on the entire application package. Please pay close attention to detail as you apply to ensure that you will present yourself well. 

The Mission Statement of the School of Materials is as follows:

Purdue Materials Engineering is first and foremost committed to people.  The School of Materials Engineering serves diverse peoples through discovery that expands the frontiers of knowledge, learning that nurtures the sharing of knowledge, and engagement that promotes the application of knowledge.  
For over 50 years, the School of Materials Engineering has been providing quality education and research opportunities in the area of Materials Science.  
The curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering and provides students with an industry-relevant, team-based experience in state-of-the-art facilities.  The faculty are highly innovative, well-respected research leaders who share a common interest in the development and growth of the School.  

Research and Scholarship

Areas of research include: synthesis fabrication, processing, characterization, design, and modeling of semiconductors, ceramics, metals, soft materials, and polymers for a wide range of applications from energy and sensors to structural and simulation/theory applications.


The School of Materials Engineering supports graduate students that demonstrate satisfactory progress in their research program, in the form of graduate research assistantships, as well as various Purdue fellowships.  Students are also encouraged to apply for externally funded fellowships, government fellowships, and company support.

Life at Purdue

The School of Materials Engineering offers a friendly and open atmosphere that welcomes students and faculty from diverse backgrounds.  Student organizations such as the Society of Women Engineers, Minority Engineering Program, Alpha Sigma Mu, and the Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Student Association (MSEGSA) offer broad learning and networking opportunities, West Lafayette offers strong cultural diversity with deep roots in the arts.  With Chicago and Indianapolis being a short drive away, there is always something exciting going on.  West Lafayette has been rated as one of the top places to live.  

Quick Facts

  • 36 Faculty members

  • More than 150 Graduate students

  • Our students are employed in academia, industry, and national labs around the world

  • The average time to Ph.D. is four to five years

  • We collaborate about 25% with industry and 75 % with the state and federal government

  • We also collaborate across campus with other departments

  • We offer and participate in outreach programs around the community.

  • 30 credits for MS degree and 90 for Ph.D.



Contact Information for the MSE Graduate Office

Dr. Yuan-Yu Karen Morgan, Graduate Program Academic Advisor