MSE 39000 Materials Engineering Seminar

Credits and Contact Hours: 0 credits. Weekly Schedule for 15 weeks: one 50 minute seminar.

Instructors or Course Coordinators: D. Bahr

Textbook: None

Specific Course Information

  1. Catalog Description: Presentation and discussion of current topics in materials engineering.
  2. Prerequisites: None.
  3. Course Status: MSE 39000 is a required course.

Specific Goals for the Course

1. All Students

A. Recognize the range of career options available to materials engineering students.

B. Understand issues related to student life and educational systems outside of the United States. Example:

  • Presentations by students participating in Study Abroad.

C. Recognize the need for life-long learning in the careers of professionals in the field. Example:

  • Presentations by professionals (primarily alumni) describing how their careers developed after obtaining their undergraduate degrees.

D. Understand the range of contemporary issues impacting engineering professionals in the field. Example:

  • Presentations by faculty and visitors about contemporary issues either directly of indirectly related to engineering practice.

Relation of Course to Student Outcomes:

(MSE-9, ABET-i) a recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning.

(MSE-10, ABET-j) a knowledge of contemporary issues, particularly as they relate to materials engineering.

Topics Covered: