MSE 19000: Introduction to Materials Engineering

MSE 19000: Introduction to Materials Engineering

Credits and Contact Hours: 1 credit. Weekly Schedule for 15 weeks: one 50 minute seminar

Instructors or Course Coordinators: Varies.

Textbook: None

Specific Course Information

  1. Catalog Description: An introduction to materials science and engineering. Emphasis on the "processing, structure, properties, performance" relationships that lead to the development of materials for society's needs. Examples drawn from the major materials classes.
  2. Prerequisites: None
  3. Course Status: MSE 19000 is a seminar course for students considering a degree in MSE. Each week, a different MSE faculty member presents a unique aspect of materials ranging from the history of materials science and production to cutting edge research currently being conducted at Purdue.

Upper Classmen Panel Discussion

First-year engineering students had an opportunity to ask a panel of senior MSE students about their experiences in MSE at Purdue, focusing specifically on extracurricular activities. Topics covered internships, co-ops, study abroad, and independent research opportunities.

Introductory Design Challenge

Students were tasked with utilizing the unique materials properties of a self-hardening putty (Sugru) to solve an everyday design problem. Solutions were to create a hanger for headphones, repair a camera case, and improve dorm closet hanger capacity.