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We are a group of individuals joined by a shared belief that creativity, dedication and tenacious work can make a difference and that nano-science & technology are the best opportunity to prove it.

Our mission

We develop new classes of nanostructured metal-dielectric composites and their applications in nanophotonics, opto-electronics and spectroscopy.

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Entire group

These systems act like optical nanoantennas accumulating light in small, nanometer-scale areas, which results in high local light fields and thus in dramatic enhancement of optical responses. Ordered metal nano-structures, such as periodic arrays of nanoparticles, nano-structured metal films and nano-wire meshes, are designed, fabricated and evaluated in our Lab for use as effective devices for applications in nanophotonics.

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Metal-dielectric nano-composites also find applications in surface-enhanced spectroscopy and sensing molecules. Here their ability to focus light is also of primary importance. A protein sensor based on nanostructured adaptive silver films has been developed in our Lab. It is used for soft protein adsorption and surface-enhanced Raman scattering detection. A number of novel bio-array substrates and detection applications are feasible.

Our sponsors

  • The United States National Science Foundation
  • NASA
  • The United States Department of Defense
  • The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • The United States Army Research Office

In the Lab
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