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Welcome to Hosseini Lab

The central theme of our group research is the light-atom interaction and its role in quantum optical communication and sensing. Our research directions include 1) cooperative interaction of light with periodic arrays of ions in nano- or micro-photonic structures, 2) quantum light generation and storage using atoms in cryogenic solids or room-temperature atoms, 3) enhanced sensing and imaging using optomechanical, quantum optical, and atomic systems.


Our group is in the process of moving to Northwestern University.

Available Positions

We have Ph.D. and Postdoctoral positions for qualified applicants. Please reach out to Prof. Hosseini (mh(at) with your CV if interested.

Recent Publications

• Yisheng Lei, Faezeh Kimiaee, Tian Zhong, Alexander Kuzmich, Christoph Simon and Mahdi Hosseini, "Quantum Optical Memory for Entanglement Distribution", arXiv:2304.09397 (quant-ph) (2023).

• Trevor Kling and Mahdi Hosseini, "Characteristics of 1D ordered arrays of optical centers in solid-state photonics", J. of Physics: Photonics , 5, 024003, (2023).

• Hamza Ather, Haechan An, Hal Owens, Sami Alajlouni, Ali Shakouri and Mahdi Hosseini, "Quantum Sensing of Thermoreflectivity in Electronics",   Phys. Rev. Appl. 19, 044040 (2023).

• Haechan An, Hal Owens, Hamza Ather, Ali Shakouri and Mahdi Hosseini, "Intensity instability and correlation in amplified multimode wave mixing", Scientific Reports, 12:14784 (2022).

• Dongmin Pak, Arindam Nandi, Michael Titze, Edward S. Bielejec, Hadiseh Alaeian and Mahdi Hosseini, “Long-range cooperative resonances in rare-earth ion arrays inside photonic resonators” Communications Physics, 5:89 (2022). 

 • Xiaodong Jiang and Mahdi Hosseini, "Driven Nonlinear Damping and Mode Coupling in a Superconducting Levitated Magnet",  Phys. Rev. Research 4, 013132 (2022).