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Welcome to Hosseini Lab

The central theme of our group research is the light-atom interaction and its role in quantum optical communication and sensing. Our research directions include 1) cooperative interaction of light with periodic arrays of ions in nano- or micro-photonic structures, 2) quantum light generation and storage using atoms in cryogenic solids or room-temperature atoms, 3) enhanced sensing and imaging using optomechanical, quantum optical, and atomic systems.


Our group has recently moved to Northwestern University.

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Available Positions

We have Ph.D. and Postdoctoral positions for qualified applicants. Please reach out to Prof. Hosseini (mh(at) with your CV if interested.

Recent Publications

• Yisheng Lei, Faezeh Kimiaee, Tian Zhong, Alexander Kuzmich, Christoph Simon and Mahdi Hosseini, "Quantum Optical Memory for Entanglement Distribution", arXiv:2304.09397 (quant-ph) (2023).

• Trevor Kling and Mahdi Hosseini, "Characteristics of 1D ordered arrays of optical centers in solid-state photonics", J. of Physics: Photonics , 5, 024003, (2023).

• Hamza Ather, Haechan An, Hal Owens, Sami Alajlouni, Ali Shakouri and Mahdi Hosseini, "Quantum Sensing of Thermoreflectivity in Electronics",   Phys. Rev. Appl. 19, 044040 (2023).

• Haechan An, Hal Owens, Hamza Ather, Ali Shakouri and Mahdi Hosseini, "Intensity instability and correlation in amplified multimode wave mixing", Scientific Reports, 12:14784 (2022).

• Dongmin Pak, Arindam Nandi, Michael Titze, Edward S. Bielejec, Hadiseh Alaeian and Mahdi Hosseini, “Long-range cooperative resonances in rare-earth ion arrays inside photonic resonators” Communications Physics, 5:89 (2022). 

 • Xiaodong Jiang and Mahdi Hosseini, "Driven Nonlinear Damping and Mode Coupling in a Superconducting Levitated Magnet",  Phys. Rev. Research 4, 013132 (2022).