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Welcome to Hosseini Lab

The central theme of our group research is investigation of quantum interaction of light with atoms and its role in quantum optical communication, computation and sensing. We work towards developing a hybrid and scalable platform for future quantum optical technologies. 


Recent Publications

• Haechan An, Hal Owens, Hamza Ather, Ali Shakouri and Mahdi Hosseini, "Intensity instability and correlation in amplified multimode wave mixing", Scientific Reports, 12:14784 (2022).

• Dongmin Pak, Arindam Nandi, Michael Titze, Edward S. Bielejec, Hadiseh Alaeian and Mahdi Hosseini, “Long-range cooperative resonances in rare-earth ion arrays inside photonic resonators” Communications Physics, 5:89 (2022). 

 • Xiaodong Jiang and Mahdi Hosseini, "Driven Nonlinear Damping and Mode Coupling in a Superconducting Levitated Magnet",  Phys. Rev. Research 4, 013132 (2022).

• Arindam Nandi, Haechan An, Mahdi Hosseini, “A Coherent Atomic Mirror Formed by Randomly Distributed Ions Inside a Crystal", Opt. Letts. 46, 1880 (2021).

• Dongmin Pak, Haechan An, Arindam Nandi, Xiaodong Jiang, Yi Xuan, Mahdi Hosseini, “Ytterbium-implanted photonic resonators based on thin film lithium niobate", J. of Appl. Phys. 128, 084302 (2020).

​• Arindam Nandi, Xiaodong Jiang, Dongmin Pak, Daniel Perry, Kyunghun Han, Edward S Bielejec, Yi Xuan, Mahdi Hosseini, “Controlling light emission by engineering atomic geometries in silicon photonics”  Opt. Lett. 45 (7) 1631-1634 (2020).