Statistical Signal and Image Processing Lab

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Department of Statistics at Purdue University

Welcome to Statistical Signal and Image Processing Lab!


2018-05 Congratulations to PhD student Joon Hee Choi for passing his Ph.D. defense.
2018-04 Prof Chan is selected as a Purdue Teaching for Tomorrow Fellow 2018.
2018-04 Prof Chan receives HKN Outstanding Professor Award 2018.
2018-01 Congratulations to PhD student Omar Elgendy for winning the Purdue Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship.
2017-12 Congratulations to PhD students Xiran Wang and Omar Elgendy for passing their preliminary exam.
2017-07 One of our papers is picked by ACM Computing Reviews as the 21st Annual Best of Computing Notable Books and Articles.
2017-07 Our project on Quanta Image Sensors receives a regular grant from NSF CIF core.
2017-05 Our Images From Bits paper is selected as the front cover of MDPI Sensors Special Issue on Photon Counting Sensors.
2017-03 Prof Chan is elevated to IEEE senior member.
2016-11 Prof Chan receives Purdue College of Engineering Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award.
2016-09 Prof Chan and PhD student Omar Elgendy wins Best Paper Award in IEEE ICIP 2016.
2016-09 Prof Chan is appointed as an Associate Editor for Optics Express.
2016-09 Prof Chan and undergraduate students appear in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine for SP Cup 2016.
2016-05 Prof Chan co-organizes a special session on Integration of Imaging Systems and Computational Algorithms in ICIP 2016.
2016-03 Prof Chan and undergraduate students win IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2016 Second Prize.
2015-11 Prof Chan receives HKN Outstanding Teacher Award 2015.
2015-09 Prof Chan is elected to IEEE Signal Processing Society Special Interest Group on Computational Imaging.

Recent Publications

‘‘Performance Analysis of Plug-and-Play ADMM: A Graph Signal Processing Perspective’’, submitted.
‘‘Automatic Foreground Extraction using Multi-Agent Consensus Equilibrium’’, submitted.
‘‘Optimal Combination of Image Denoisers’’, submitted.
‘‘Plug-and-Play Unplugged: Optimization Free Reconstruction using Consensus Equilibrium’’, accepted to SIAM J. Imaging Sciences, 2018.
‘‘Image Reconstruction for Quanta Image Sensors using Deep Neural Networks’’, IEEE ICASSP, pp. 6543–6547, Apr. 2018.
‘‘Fast and Robust Recursive Filter for Image Denoising’’, IEEE ICASSP, pp. 1708–1712, Apr. 2018.
‘‘Optimal Threshold Design for Quanta Image Sensor’’, IEEE Trans. Computational Imaging, vol. 4, no. 1, Mar. 2018, pp. 99-111.
‘‘Understanding symmetric smoothing filters: A Gaussian mixture model perspective’’, IEEE Trans. Image Process., vol. 26, no. 11, pp. 5107–5121, Nov. 2017.
‘‘Plug-and-Play ADMM for image restoration’’, IEEE Trans. Computational Imaging, vol. 3, no. 5, pp.84–98, Mar. 2017.
‘‘Parameter-free Plug-and-Play ADMM for image restoration’’, IEEE ICASSP, pp.1323-1327, Mar. 2017.
‘‘Resolution enhancement for hyperspectral images: A super-resolution and fusion approach’’, IEEE ICASSP, pp.6180-6184, Mar. 2017.
‘‘Images from bits: Non-iterative image reconstruction for quanta image sensors’’, MDPI Sensors, vol. 16, no. 11, paper 1961, pp.1-21, Nov. 2016.
‘‘Image reconstruction and threshold design for quanta image sensors’’, IEEE ICIP, Sep. 2016, pp.978-982 (Best Paper Award)
‘‘Adaptive image denoising by mixture adaptation’’, IEEE Trans. Image Process., vol. 25, no. 10, pp.4489–4503, Oct. 2016.
‘‘Adaptive patch-based image denoising by EM adaptation’’, IEEE GlobalSIP, pp. 810-814, Dec. 2015.


Research at SSIP is sponsored by

  • NSF: CIF: Medium: Multi-Agent Consensus Equilibrium: Modular Methods for Integrating Disparate Sources of Expertise (2018-2022)

  • NSF: CIF: Small: Signal Processing for Quanta Image Sensors: Reconstruction, Sampling, and Applications (2017-2020)

  • AFRL-Leidos: Mitigating Turbulence in Long Range Imagery using Consensus Equilibrium (2018 - 2019)

  • HypeVR: Image Processing for Virtual Reality Applications (2017-2018)