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Sandeep Thirumala will be presenting his work on "Non-Volatile Memory utilizing Reconfigurable Ferroelectric Transistors to enable Differential Read and Energy-Efficient In-Memory Computation" in the ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design, being held at Lausanne, Switzerland.

VLSI Technology Symposium 2019

Atanu Kumar Saha will be presenting his work on "Microscopic Crystal Phase Inspired Modeling of Zr Concentration Effects in Hf1-xZrxO2 Thin Films", in the 2019 Symposium on VLSI Technology being help at Kyoto, Japan.

Outstanding Research Award 2019

Ahmedullah Aziz received the ‘2019 Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award’ from the College of Engineering, Purdue University.


Sandeep presented his work on "Dual mode ferroelectric transistor based non-volatile flip-flops for intermittently-powered systems"


Atanu and Niharika presented their respective works in SRC TECHON 2018
No upcoming events.

Welcome to ICDL

Integrated Circuits and Devices Laboratory (ICDL) is located in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Purdue University.

In ICDL, we explore novel application driven device designs and technology-aware circuit solutions based on emerging technologies to address the challenges of next-generation computing and data storage. A key component of our research is the co-design between different levels of abstraction to utilize the unique device-circuit interactions for translating the intriguing properties of the emerging technologies to novel circuit functionalities.

Our research spans the exploration of several different emerging technologies based on ferroelectrics, phase transition materials, 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), spintronics etc. and their applications in low power Boolean logic and SRAMs, non-volatile memories and logic, in-memory computing, non-Boolean associative computing and neuromorphic computing. We also develop physics-based and circuit-compatible models for emerging devices to facilitate the device-circuit co-design and to obtain insights into the device operation and device-circuit interactions.  Our research has been funded by NSF, DARPA, SRC, NIST and Applied Materials.