Course Structure

The undergraduate and graduate course offerings by PES faculty are listed below. In addition, some of the related area courses frequently taken by PES students are also listed. Students should always consult with their advisor when formulating plans of study.

Undergraduate Courses

  • ECE321 Electromechanical Motion Devices
  • ECE323 Electromechanical Motion Lab
  • ECE422 Electromechanical Motion Control
  • ECE432 Elements of Power Systems
  • ECE 433 Power Electronics

Graduate Courses

  • ECE545 Digital Computational Techniques for Electronic Circuits
  • ECE595 Electromechanics (Meets with ECE321, do not take after ECE610)
  • ECE595 Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • ECE610 Energy Conversion
  • ECE625 Analysis of Electromechanical Systems
  • ECE633 Modeling and Simulation of Power Systems Components
  • ECE635 Optimization and Economic Operation of Integrated Power Systems
  • ECE695 Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Component Design
  • ECE695 Power Electronic Converters and Systems

Related Undergraduate Courses

  • ECE305 Semiconductor Devices
  • ECE311 Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • ECE368 Data Structures
  • ECE362 Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing
  • ECE382 Feedback System Analysis and Design

Related Graduate Courses

  • MA 510 Vector Calculus
  • MA 511 Linear Algebra With Applications
  • MA 514 Numerical Analysis
  • ECE580 Optimization Methods for Systems and Control
  • ECE602 Lumped System Theory
  • ECE604 Electromagnetic Field Theory
  • ECE675 Introduction to Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
  • ECE680 Modern Automatic Control
  • ECE684 Linear Multivariable Control