Dynamic Simulation of Electric Machinery

Chee-Mun Ong

This graduate-level text covers modeling, implementation and verification techniques for simulating electric machine systems. It explains how to build models and simulations, account for the assumptions and operating characteristics of the systems being modeled, and successfully interpret the results. Over 30 MATLAB\SIMULINK project files are available for hands-on experimentation on topics such as inrush current and subsynchronous resonance phenomena, power system stabilizer design, dynamic operation of a dc machine hoist, field-oriented control of induction motor, and design of a self-controlled permanent magnet motor drive.

The work is written for working engineers and graduate students interested in improving the design of power components and systems using PC-based modeling and simulation tools. It offers a comprehensive exploration, ranging from background theory and models to implementation and verification techniques for simulations to linear analysis of frequently studied machine systems, including...

  • Three- and single-phase transformers, including modeling of core saturation
  • Three- and single-phase induction machines
  • Three- and six-phase synchronous machines, wound and permanent magnet field
  • DC machines: four-quadrant drive operation, starting, speed and torque control
  • Induction machine drives: volts/hertz control and field-oriented control
  • Synchronous machines in power system studies: multi-machine system, shaft torsionals, excitation control
  • Synchronous machine drives: self-controlled and permanent magnet field

Dynamic Simulation of Electric Machinery

Published by Prentice-Hall, ISBN 0-13-723785-5