Analysis of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems, 3rd Edition

P.C. Krause, O. Wasynczuk, S.D. Sudhoff, S.D. Pekarek

Since the first edition of Analysis of Electric Machinery was published, the reference frame theory that was detailed in the book has become the universally accepted approach for the analysis of both electric machines and electric drive systems. Now in its third edition, Analysis of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems presents, in one resource, the application of this theory to the analysis, simulation, and design of the complete drive system including the machine, converter, and control. In addition to reference frame theory and the basic analysis of synchronous, induction, dc, and permanent magnet synchronous machines, this book covers the analysis of converters used in electric drive systems, detailed treatment of supervisory down to switch level controls, nonlinear average value modeling of converters and drive systems, operational impedances, reduced-order modeling, and guidelines for simulation of machines and drive systems. The Analysis of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems is appropriate for senior- and graduate-level courses as well as serving as an invaluable resource for electrical, mechanical, and systems engineers in the electric machinery and drives areas.

Analysis of electric machinery

Available from IEEE Wiley-IEEE Press, ISBN 978-1-118-02429-4