November 1, 2023

Co-Op Spotlight: Hasan Sultan

Zachary Reichel is a student majoring in Computer Engineering who is currently on co-op with Cummins, Inc. in Columbus, Indiana.
Hasan, dressed in dark slacks and a button up shirt, stands in front of an antique engine at the Cummins corporate office.
Hasan stands in front of an antique engine at the Columbus office of Cummins, Inc.

Name: Hasan Sultan

Major: Computer Engineering

Name and location of company where you are on co-op: Cummins Inc., in Columbus, IN

What are your job duties?

My current responsibilities include and are not limited to:

  • Develops customer features and key infrastructure components for mobile applications running on Android, iOS, and other platforms. The key mobile application is the Guidanz Mobile App available on Google Play and the Apple Store.


  • Plans tasks with the support of the team and Scrum Master
  • Develops, designs, implements and tests C++, Android and iOS components
  • Applies the established practices and processes on the team and supports improvement activities
  • Help maintain code quality, organization and automation.
  • Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs.

What did you hope to gain from this experience?

I believe a co-op is a great way to explore the industry and its state before graduating school. My main reason to take a co-op was to get more hands-on learning while I was away from school. Additionally, my co-ops have helped me navigate and connect with people in the industry and gain some key information and advice from them. Having been in the industry, and being a part of multiple teams in the same company, has allowed me to learn more about what I don’t like and what I do like to do. This is great for me since I will know what kind of work I would like to do when I am about to graduate from school in the following year.

Have you completed other co-op sessions as a Purdue ECE student?

Yes, I was interning at Cummins in another team over the summer. I was working with an older tool they used to use but ultimately closed the project a couple of years back due to lack of people to maintain the tool. During the summer I:

  • Collaborated with global team members as a developer to support additional features, effectively troubleshoot and resolve existing bugs and issues in the existing proprietary Virtual Telematics Service Provider (VTSP) software.
  • Worked with new software technologies, standards, and protocols such as C++/CLI, C#, .NET,J1939, OBD, and CAN bus to enhance functionality, to enforce compliance, and to ensure seamless integration of VTSP with industry protocols

What is your ultimate career goal?

Ultimately, I want to get into the field of Internet of Things and Embedded systems. I want to spearhead optimization of existing processes that exist in embedded systems and innovate for the better of mankind. I love the direction embedded systems have taken to prove just how powerful small devices can be.

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