November 7, 2022

Co-op Spotlight: Zoe Drechsler

Zoe Drechsler
ECE student Zoe Drechsler at the Cisco facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio

Major: Computer Engineering

Student Classification: Sophomore

Name and location of company where you are on co-op: Cisco Systems, Virtual Co-Op

Job duties: My job involves helping customers when they have questions or problems involving Nexus Switches. This can vary from basic questions about the products, providing workarounds when their device runs into bugs, or helping discover incorrect configurations that cause problems within their networks. During this rotation I was also able to obtain my CCNA certification which was really cool going from previous networking experience to being a certified network associate.

Why did you want to do this co-op/What do you hope to gain from the experience? I wanted to do this co-op to learn more about networking, as it was a field, I previously knew nothing about. From this experience I want to gain skills and knowledge that I can apply back to my studies at Purdue. I also hope to gain better insight on what direction I would like to take my career in the future as I learn more about networking and the technology industry.

What are your ultimate career goals? Not 100% sure on my ultimate career goals. I'd love to be doing something within the technology industry, but not quite exactly sure if that will involve networking, software development, or other sections. I plan to use classes I take at Purdue along with internships/co-ops to figure out my ultimate goal by the time I graduate.