November 3, 2020

New Faculty Spotlight: Philip E. Paré

philip pare
Philip E. Paré Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hometown: Cambridge, MA

What inspired you to get into engineering? 

I was always pretty good at math but did not want to do just pure math, so engineering seemed like the right balance. While my research is theoretical, I always try to root my work in an interesting application.

What drew you to Purdue ECE? 

Purdue ECE's great faculty, wonderful students, and high rank to recruit top students all drew me here. The good schools and the family-friendly town were also an important factor in the decision-making process.

What are your research interests? 

I study networked control systems with my main focus on modeling, analysis, and control to mitigate virus spread over networks. My group uses tools from data science, control theory, network science, and optimization to solve compelling problems.

What classes are you teaching this semester? 

I'm building a new course for next semester: ECE 695 Epidemic Processes over Networks. The course will be split into three separate credits: 1) Intro to Mathematical Fundamentals for Systems & Control, 2) Epidemic Processes, and 3) Epidemic Processes over Networks. The course will be a hybrid offered both as an edX course for online students, as well as an in-person course with mostly online materials but also in-person office hours and intermittent recitations. For more information on the course please see here:

I am also in charge of a section of ECE 49022 Electrical Engineering Senior Design Projects this semester, supervising four great student teams.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I like to play with my children, travel, play sports, eat good food, watch sports, play my viola, exercise, and spend time with my wife.