December 11, 2019

MoveThisWay Heavy Payload Assistant

MoveThisWay is an autonomous robot that transports heavy payloads on programmable paths with obstacle detection capability.

MoveThisWay is an autonomous robot that can carry heavy payloads. Its main use case is in a varying office or industrial environment where there are clear paths for this robot to take. The robot is remotely programmed by the user and stores paths into its memory, making its routes autonomous and repeatable. MoveThisWay features sensors to avoid collisions and keep itself and its environment safe. It also has indicators to display the robot’s current movements, errors, and the battery level.

The goal of our team project was to create an affordable solution for businesses where robotic assistance is desired but out of reach. All parts used in the project are both easily attainable and relatively affordable.

Robot chassis
Remote controller

Source: MoveThisWay Heavy Payload Assistant