November 10, 2010

Purdue Researchers use Yahoo! M45 Supercomputer

Professor Yung-Hsiang Lu
Professor Yung-Hsiang Lu
Professor Yung-Hsiang Lu and two other Purdue professors will join seven other universities in the Yahoo! M45 Cloud Computing Initiative. The program allows academic researchers to study cloud computing.

Purdue joins seven other universities in Yahoo! M45 Cloud Computing Initiative.  The M45 supercomputer has 4,000 processors and is one of the fastest computers in the world.  Yahoo! M45 program allows academic researchers to study cloud computing.  Three professors at Purdue will use M45 in their research projects.  Professor Bharat Bhargava in Computer Science will develop a context-aware navigation system for blind and visually impaired people.  Professor Luo Si in Computer Science will investigate search techniques for large-scale information retrieval for different types of entities such as persons and organizations. Professor Yung-Hsiang Lu in Electrical and Computer Engineering will develop services for mobile users and investigate techniques to protect privacy.

Yahoo! is a founding member of Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed and Open Cloud Consortium, both facilitating scientific research in the cloud.  More information about the M45 project is available at