ECE Registration Information

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Registration Process

Anticipated ECE Course Schedule

ECE Waitlist

ECE Override Request

Non-ECE Course Override Information

Outside Space Request

Frequently Asked Questions


Registration Process


Before receiving their registration PIN, all ECE students must create/update their Student Educational Planner (SEP) in MyPurduePlan from the current semester forward to the completion of their degree. Once their SEP is complete, students will submit a Student Registration Profile (SRP) to signal completion of the process.  Designated weeks have been pre-assigned for completion of this process based on a student's classification as listed in MyPurdue; however, priority students do not fit this policy so please know your status. Students who do not complete their SEP during the time period specified may have to wait until open registration and risk not getting into the class(es) they need.

When to complete SEP & SRP:

Priority & Seniors:  February 6 - 17

Juniors:  February 20 - March 3

Sophomores: March 6 - 17


The following groups of students are required to meet with their primary Academic Advisor after they submit their SRP and to receive their Registration PIN. Other students may meet with their advisor if they wish to do so or they may opt to receive their PIN via email.

  • Academic Probation (includes students on readmit status as of Spring 2017)

  • Students planning to Study Abroad.

  • Transfer Students (new to Purdue starting Spring 2017)

  • Students for which the advisor identifies several issues/concerns with SEP

  • Students with special requests (credit hour overloads, etc.)


If you wish to meet with your Academic Advisor, you may make an appointment once you receive an email stating that your SEP has been approved.  If your SEP is approved, your PIN will be emailed to you as well as put in your myPurduePlan notes. Those students in ECE 20000 who have been assigned a faculty mentor need to follow the steps provided in class as you have an extra step in the process.  To guarantee you have your PIN prior to the opening of your time ticket, your SEP must be completed during your designated time listed above and allow no less than 5 business days to be reviewed.  Students who need to hold an advising meeting should be aware of their time-tickets and make their appointments well in advance of their time-ticket window.


ECE Pre-Registration & PIN Procedure

  1. Identify your classification in myPurdue and know when you must complete the ECE pre-registration process (including completion of SEP, SRP and meeting with advisor if desired/required)

  2. Determine the remaining courses you need to take to fulfill degree requirements by utilizing the degree audit sent to you from your academic advisor. Please do not reference the myPurduePlan worksheet, audit, or still needed tools as these are currently not 100% correct.

  3. Review some Common Plan of Study Issues to help ensure you are creating a viable plan. Failure to address these items typically will result in a request to resubmit your SEP.

  4. Use the SEP Instructions to create/update your SEP (note: Google Chrome may not work properly).

  5. All students who plan to fulfill all degree requirements either in the summer or Fall and will be graduating in August or December 2017, must complete the Candidate for Graduation Application.

  6. Once your Student Educational Planner is complete and ready for review, submit the Student Registration Profile to notify your advisor that it is ready for review.

  7. Your academic advisor needs a minimum of 5 business days to review your plan prior to you scheduling your appointment or providing you with your PIN.  This is important to keep in mind as you could run out of time so plan ahead!  

  8. Once your advisor reviews your SEP, you will receive an email indicating that you either need to make changes or it will indicate you may now make an appointment if requested/required.  If not, your PIN will be included in this email and visible in myPurduePlan Notes. 

  9. For ECE 20000 students only:  Once your advisor approves your SEP, you will receive an email with instructions to print out your SEP, review it with your faculty mentor and obtain their signature, then return it to the ECE Undergraduate Advising Office.  Once your advisor reviews it, your PIN will be emailed to you.

  10. Students will use this PIN to go in to the MyPurdue system and register for courses during your assigned Time Ticket. Students should check MyPurdue as well as watch for communication from the Office of the Registrar regarding these dates.


Anticipated ECE Course Schedule

The preliminary Fall 2017 ECE Course Schedule will be available soon.  This is a tentative list of times and dates for the ECE courses that will be offered.  Please keep in mind that it is subject to change.


ECE Wait List

If you need in an ECE course or section that is currently closed or if there is a conflict with another required course, please complete the ECE Wait List request and you will be contacted by our office as soon as information is available.

The wait list should be utilized only when you are unable to fit a course into your schedule, either due to it being full or because of a time-conflict. Every attempt should be made to work out a schedule, even if you have to choose a section that is not your first choice; you can always make changes later should a space appear in your preferred section.  You should not fill out the wait list to try to get into a more ‘desirable’ section of a course. If you need further assistance, please contact the ECE Undergraduate Advising Office at 494-3390 or stop by EE 136.


ECE Override Requests

If you are an ECE student who is getting an error when adding a course to your schedule, please complete the ECE Override Request and you will be contacted by our office as soon as information is available. If you are a non-ECE student, please fill out and submit the outside space request form. Please note that with the exception of foreign language courses, we are unable to provide overrides for general education courses. Please contact the appropriate department.


Non-ECE Course Override Information

Some departments have well-established procedures for requesting space or overrides for their courses. For the procedures regarding courses in a department not listed, contact the specific department directly for further instructions and then follow-up with your ECE advisor if necessary. Overrides for ECE courses should be requested using the form listed above.

  • Krannert Upper-Division Courses
    • Krannert no longer issues overrides for non-Krannert students. Instead, students will need to add their names to the MyPurdue waitlist after restrictions are lifted on the course(s). The dates on which restrictions are removed can be found on their website.
  • Computer Science
    • If you need an override for a prerequisite/co-requisite or instructor's permission, speak to your ECE Academic Advisor to begin the process. Other overrides for CS courses can be requested via their website.
  • Foreign Language Courses
    • Students planning on enrolling for the first time in a foreign language course who have taken 2 years or more of that language in high school must take the language placement exam. Students who have no previous courses in a language or who have less than 2 years of language study may fill out the ECE override request form to request an override to start at the 10100 level if departmental permission is required for enrollment.
  • Wine Appreciation (FS 47000)
    • Students should begin the process by speaking to an ECE Academic Advisor to obtain a Form 23. The Form 23 should be taken along with driver's license or passport to the Food Science Department (NLSN Rm 2203) to verify that the student will be 21 years old by the date specified by the FS Department.


Outside Space Requests

Non-ECE students who wish to enroll in an ECE course must submit an Outside Space Request form. Approval is contingent upon space being available in the course. Most outside space requests are processed on the Thursday during the week of a student's time-ticket as current ECE students are given priority when registering. An email will be sent to students once the override has been entered.