Your Plan of Study

The project-track MSECE requires 30 hours of coursework distributed as follows.

  • ECE core course: 3 hours
  • Graduate math course: 3 hours
  • Ideas to Innovation courses: 8 hours
  • Communication for Engineering Leaders (ECE): 1 hour
  • Entrepreneurship (ENTR) 500: 2 hours
  • ECE courses in primary technical area: 9 hours (including core course)
  • Technical breadth courses (generally ECE): 6 hours
  • Free elective: 1 hour

Students may elect to take additional courses beyond the required 30 hours.

The Ideas to Innovation course sequence, along with associated courses such as Communication for Engineering Leaders, will provide 9 credit hours of professional development.

Each student chooses a technical focus area and is expected to build depth in that area through ECE graduate-level courses and project work in the Ideas to Innovation sequence.  Students are also expected to build “breadth at the edges,” via 6 credits of courses outside of their main area. A number of one-credit ECE graduate-level courses are under development to provide students with much more breadth than is possible in a conventional program and to allow students to balance course loads across semesters.