Project Track Degree Requirements

About this track: This track was created to build technical and professional skills for students preparing for careers in industry. Based on input from industrial advisors, career-relevant skills developed in this program include technical depth in a chosen field, familiarity with concepts in related technical areas, and effective communication/presentation competencies. Principles of teamwork/leadership, and business concepts, such as intellectual property and entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship, are included in this track.

Unique features of this track are the yearlong “Ideas to Innovation” project course sequence and a set of 1-credit hour courses designed to enhance the technical breadth of students in this track.

Project: Student teams consisting of members from different technical areas will select and complete a significant design project. During the fall semester, teams will propose and initiate work on system level projects enabled by new technologies. The bulk of the technical work will take place during spring semester and be completed during either the Summer session or the subsequent Fall semester. Processes for project proposals, approvals of project concepts, design reviews, and final reports are modeled on those of leading technology innovation companies.

Timeline: Time to completion of project-track requirements is three semesters, either Fall-Spring-Summer or Fall-Spring-Fall; the second option can include a summer internship. However, students can continue their coursework into a fourth semester if desired.

Ideas to Innovation courses: All students in the project track must complete Ideas-to-Innovation I-III, a 3-semester course sequence focused on an intensive design project and professional development exercises. Students are expected to take the following:

  • Fall:
    • Ideas to Innovation I (2 credits)
    • Communication for Engineering Leaders (1 credit)
    • Entrepreneurship (2 credits)
  • Spring: Ideas to Innovation II (3 credits)
  • Summer or Fall: Ideas to Innovation III (3 credits)

Requirements: The table below summarizes the curriculum requirements for the thesis track.

Required Total Credit Hours on Plan of Study


Required Core Courses

1 course; 3 credits

Required Math Credit Hours


Required project-track coursework:

  • Ideas to Innovation I, II, and III (8 credits)
  • Communications for Engineering Leaders (1 credit)
  • Entrepreneurship (2 credits)


Technical Depth (including core course)


Breadth Credit Hours


Total Required Graduate-Level ECE Credit Hours (includes Ideas to Innovation I-III)


Core course requirement: Students must successfully complete the core course in their primary area. Regional campus courses or transfer courses do not satisfy the core course requirement.

Math requirement: A minimum of 3 approved math credit hours are required for the project track. See this list of approved courses to meet the math requirement.  

Graduate seminar requirement: ECE 69400: Graduate Seminar is not required for the project track.

Sample plan of study:


Ideas to Innovation I (2 credits)

Communication for Engineering Leaders (1 credit)

Entrepreneurship (2 credits)

MA course (3 credits)

ECE course (3 credits)


Ideas to Innovation II (3 credits)

ECE core course (3 credits)

ECE courses or electives (4 credits)


Ideas to Innovation III (3 credits)

ECE course or electives (6 credits)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Communication for Engineering Leaders considered an ECE course or an elective?

This course is considered an elective and does not count toward the required 15 hours of ECE coursework.

What GPA do I need to earn the MSECE?

You must have a plan-of-study GPA of 3.0 to successfully complete the MSECE. Graduate-level transfer courses are not included in your GPA calculation.