Become a "Technology Maestro"

A Master’s degree provides you with the deeper knowledge of a technical specialty needed for a career at the cutting edge of technology. Maestro is an Italian word that in English refers to a person with a rare talent. The goal of the ECE project-track MS is to develop technology maestros – engineers with a rare talent for creating new technologies and successfully transitioning them to the market place.

Today’s trend of “technology-in-everything” requires engineers who combine skill in hardware design with an understanding of systems and software. To be successful, you will need the deep technical expertise in a specialty that this program will help you develop, but today, engineers need more.

The 21st Century is a new era of electronics in which technology development is based on a broader range of science and engineering than in the past and driven by a much broader range of applications. Technical depth must be complemented by “breadth at the edges” that prepares you to work effectively with the other experts in engineering teams. A suite of one credit, short courses developed specifically for this program will help you acquire an uncommon amount of technical breadth to complement your technical focus.

Success in technology innovation requires more than technical knowledge. Scientific and engineering knowledge must be complemented by a set of success skills. Some of these are technical, such as data acquisition, data analysis, programming, etc. Others are business related, such as project management, budgeting, forecasting, marketing, intellectual property issues, etc. Soft skills such as communicating to experts and non-experts alike, selling your ideas, building effective teams, working in teams, etc. are critically important.

The centerpiece of this Master’s program is a yearlong, immersive design experience in which you will work with a team of students to conceive, sell, and execute an ambitious project while at the same time developing your success skills and putting them to practice as you execute your project.

The ECE project-track MS is a very special program designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and experience that will prepare you for a successful career in cutting edge technology development.