Prospective ECE Students

Information for students interested in studying Electrical and Computer Engineering can be found below. Prospective students are also encouraged to review our degree information as well as our Frequently Asked Questions. Additional questions can be directed to


High School Students

  • Admission Information

Admission to Purdue for undergraduate study in Engineering is handled by the Office of Admissions. The School of Engineering Education's First-Year Engineering Program is the entry point for all beginning engineering students. Students must complete the First Year Engineering Requirements before being eligible for admission into a professional engineering school (e.g. Electrical and Computer Engineering).

  • Preparation for Study in ECE

Students must satisfy the minimum admission requirements outlined by Purdue’s Office of Admissions. Although not required, additional preparation for study in Engineering disciplines can be obtained through the rigor of AP coursework, a computer science course, and additional courses in science and mathematics. Additional information can be found on Purdue's Advanced Placement Credit page.

  • Visit Purdue

Prospective Engineering students have several opportunities to visit campus and learn about Purdue Engineering. Some events, including Fall Preview Days and Purdue is For Me, offer opportunities to tour the Electrical Engineering building and speak with an ECE Academic Advisor.


Transfer Students

  • Admission Information

Admission to Purdue for undergraduate study in engineering is handled by the Office of Admissions. International students may also need to work with the office of International Students and Scholars (ISS). Transfer students should work with Admissions to see if they are eligible to apply for admission into a professional school. Additional information can be found on the Engineering Transfer Criteria page.

  • Transfer Credit

For information on how transfer credit will come into Purdue, students should use the Transfer Credit Database.

Courses listed in the transfer credit database as NXXXX (i.e. MA 2XXXX) indicate that there is no direct equivalent found at Purdue and the credit will come in as undistributed. In such cases, it is at the discretion of the ECE undergraduate office how and if the credit will be used (applicable to ECE degrees only). Students should be prepared to provide a course description for evaluation.  

  • Regional Campus Transfer Students

Additional information for transfer students from a Purdue Regional Campus, including Purdue course equivalencies and institution-specific information, can be found on the Regional Campus Engineering Course Equivalencies page.


CODO Students

The following guidelines apply to Purdue students considering a Change-of-Degree-Objective (CODO) into the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). A overall GPA and an EAI of at least 2.00 are required.

  1. Students currently enrolled in one of the professional engineering programs and not currently on academic probation are immediately eligible to apply to CODO into ECE.
  2. Students not currently enrolled in one of the professional engineering programs, but who have completed all the First Year Engineering Requirements (except possibly ENGR 13100 and/or ENGR 13200), are eligible to apply to CODO into ECE so long as they are not on Academic Probation.
  3. Students not meeting the qualification listed above in 1. and 2. must first CODO into the First Year Engineering Program. Admission into ECE is via the usual FYE Transition to Major process.
  4. Registrar Form 705, Request for Chage of Degree Objective (CODO), is used as the official ECE CODO application. It must be submitted to the ECE Undergraduate Office, EE136, no later than the last day of classes of the term prior to the semester the CODO is desired.
  5. Once the CODO application (Registrar Form 705) has been received, a decision will typically be made within 2 weeks. The decision will be one of the following: immediate admission to ECE; deferral until grades from the current semester can be considered; deferral until grades from the following semester can be considered; or rejection of the application.
  6. If the CODO application decision has been deferred, a student may be allowed to register for ECE courses for the following semester, space permitting and subject to the approval of the ECE Undergraduate Coordinator. This permission will be granted for one semester only.
  7. These guidelines are subject to change without notice.