Shanghai Jiao Tong University Study Abroad Program

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), located in Shanghai, China, is a top engineering school with a world-renown reputation. This university has made significant contributions to the prosperity of China and the development of science and technology of the entire nation. Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world, and home of many Asia-Pacific headquarters and facilities of world-class biomedical companies. The proximity of the university to this burgeoning industry supports an exciting synergy between biomedical engineers, healthcare providers, and medical researchers.

For this study abroad program, students will spend one semester attending SJTU, taking technical elective classes and classes to expand their understanding of China and its rich culture. In addition to SJTU courses, students have the opportunity to gain clinical research exposure at the Med-X Research Institute and its partnering hospitals. This program is geared towards students entering their spring semester of Junior year in the Weldon School. This study abroad opportunity is highly recommended for students that plan to pursue medical school, entrepreneurship, or a focus in mechanical engineering.

An email will be sent to Weldon School students with a link to the online application in mid-April of each year. Visit Purdue's SJTU Study Abroad pages for more information.


Because students will earn two BME technical electives and two general education elective courses while at SJTU, students should consider taking ENTR 200 and STAT 511 along with ENGR 297 (a 1-credit preparatory course for studying in China) during the Fall semester of Junior year, and ENTR 310 during the Fall semester of Senior Year as a replacement for BME 390*. 

Here is a proposed course schedule for Junior Year:

 Purdue Course   SJTU Course   Purdue Credit received:   Spring Semester Ends mid-July 
BME 301
BME 304
BME 305
STAT 511
ENTR 200


Module 1



 CHNS 101

 ME 497 Int Team(Gen Ed)  
 ME 297 culture (Gen Ed)

 BME 306 - required
 ECE 301 - required
 ME 300 (Tech Elec)
 IE 336 (Tech Elec)




  Choose from the following:

 • Clinical rotation into metro hospital 

 • Research with faculty at Med-X

 • Industry site visits

For questions contact:

Corey Linkel, Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs

Nan Kong, Faculty Advisor for Shanghai Study Abroad


* Please note that only students accepted into the SJTU program are permitted to replace BME 390 with ENTR 310. It is recommended that students interested in SJTU work ahead to try to take ENTR 310 before going to SJTU rather than during senior design if at all possible. Both ENTR 200 and ENTR 310 are offered every summer.