Learning Through Experience

The average placement of graduates of 2012-2015 is that 51% go into industry, 29% go to grad school, 3% get their 5th year Masters, 9% go to medical school and 8% go into other areas.

What sets us apart in terms of career readiness? We place an emphasis on learning experiences beyond the classroom; 92% of our undergraduate students gain hands-on experience through co-ops, internships, research, Engineering Programs In Community Service (EPICS), and study abroad. This combined with the strong career placement support we offer to students when they are ready to start job-hunting contribute to their high rate of  success: 98% of our students take positions in industry or enter graduate or medical school within six months of graduation (self-reported, 2014). To the right is the average placement of graduates from 2012-2015.

Our goal is to make sure students have learning opportunities in their area of interest. We work with current biomedical engineering sophomores, juniors and seniors to provide resources to assist them in obtaining co-ops (3 session only), summer internships, study abroad experiences and full-time employment upon graduation. Check out more statistics on our current and graduated students

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