Cardiovascular Maymester Program

The Cardiovascular Maymester provides undergraduate biomedical engineering students with a unique experience to observe and analyze cardiac care in a clinical setting. While shadowing physicians, networking with biomedical industry representatives, and interacting with patients and clinical staff members, students will see firsthand the impact of biomedical engineering on patient care. The program was founded in 2014 and is possible thanks to the strong partnership between IU Health Methodist Hospital and the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering.

Cardiovascular Maymester Opportunities

  • Cardiovascular surgical observations
  • Clinical rounds with cardiologists
  • Transplant deliberations and ethics discussions
  • Meetings with industrial representatives concerning various cardiac devices
  • Patient support groups

How to Participate

This Cardiovascular Maymester is available to undergraduate biomedical engineering students following the completion of their sophomore year. Information regarding this experience as well as the selection process will be presented in BME classes during the spring semester of the sophomore year.

Participant Testimonials

It was a great opportunity to see engineering in action in a clinical setting. I feel that not many people get to really see how the devices and practices that are designed in an engineering company actually impact people and make their lives better. It was great to see the bridge between design and application.”

—Elizabeth Wakelin, 2019 Cardiovascular Maymester Participant

The interest in our learning shown by the surgeons we met with, along with their willingness to interact with us and educate us on the more esoteric portions of their jobs was extremely inspiring and enlightening.  I believe this Maymester was an invaluable experience which will help me shape my future career.”

—Charles Martin, 2019 Cardiovascular Maymester Participant

I felt that each day offered a new experience and viewpoint that allowed me to gain a broader understanding of the clinical setting and help shape in my mind how I may want to take my future.

—Parker van Emmerik, 2019 Cardiovascular Maymester Participant