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Dr. Joseph Wallace

Areas of Research: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Mechanobiology


  • Mechanical protection of pathological collagen synthesis using in vitro and in vivo loading modalities
  • Profiling of raloxifene and raloxifene analogs: effects on cell behavior and bone material properties

The Bone Biology and Mechanics Lab (BBML) uses multiscale approaches to investigate composition, architecture mechanical integrity and fracture resistance throughout the hierarchy of bone in the context of disease, following external mechanical stimulation or during pharmacological treatment.

A unique features of our work, and a common thread that passes through all of our research, is an intense focus on collagen and the roles it plays in bone health. By investigating approaches that can make bone stronger through alterations in collagen rather than mineral or architecture, a paradigm shift may be possible in the way that the orthopaedic community approaches bone disease prevention and treatment.  

Being in Indianapolis, on campus with the Indiana University Medical Center, we have unique collaborative opportunities with clinicians and researchers in the Departments of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Nephrology, Orthopaedic Surgery, and Biology. 


Recruitment Needs:

  • Looking for one highly motivated PhD student with experience in bone-related research or general mechanical and compositional characterization of materials.


Please feel free to contact Dr. Wallace directly