Dr. Mohit Verma

Areas of Research

Biosensors, Microbiomes, in vitro models, paper-based devices, point-of-care diagnostics


Biosensors for animal health

The Verma Lab develops biosensors that can be used in the field, whether that is in the doctor's office or on a farm. One of the project focuses on the design and fabrication of biosensors that detect DNA/RNA of bacteria and viruses responsible for infectious diseases such as bovine respiratory disease. These biosensors produce a color change that is visible to the naked eye. The Verma Lab recently used similar sensors for detecting the virus behind COVID-19 in saliva samples. 

Recruitment Needs

  • A self-motivated student with prior research experience in development of devices and/or biological assays to start Ph.D. 2022 or Fall 2022. 

Please feel free to contact Dr. Verma directly.