Current Research Opportunities

Chi Hwan Lee

Areas of Research: Wearable biomedical devices for human healthcare

Fiona Kolbinger

Areas of Research: Computational Medicine, Artificial Intelligence Applications in Healthcare, Medical Image Analysis, Decentralized Learning, Minimally-Invasive and Robot-Assisted Surgery

Julie Liu

Areas of Research: Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Surgical Glues, Drug Transport

Michael Weiss

Areas of Research: Proteien engineering with application to (a) insulin analogs and glucose-responsive insulins (GRIs): and (b) specific DNA-bending proteins to regulate developmental gene expression in "genomic engineering."

Sunghee (Estelle) Park

Areas of Research: Organoids, Stem Cells, Organ-on-a-Chip, Tissue Engineering, Disease Modeling, Microengineered Devices

Vitaliy Rayz

Areas of Research: Flow analysis augmenting magnetic resonance imaging data, patient-specific analysis of blood flow in brain aneurysms, imaging and modeling cerebrospinal fluid flow, numerical simulation of blood flow through vascular devices.