Peggy P. Dedo

Vice President of Engineering and Technical Support
United Airlines
BSAAE 1967

“I always assumed that the analytic and problem-solving skills acquired in the engineering curriculum at Purdue would have direct applications in engineering decision-making, and indeed that has proven to be the case. I have been pleasantly surprised to realize how often those same skills have application in dealing with the opportunities and challenges of life, in and out of a career. Continuous learning is a reality that is so much easier when built upon a strong educational base, such as that provided by the Purdue experience.”

Peggy Dedo is the vice president of engineering and technical support for the United Airlines Maintenance Operations Center in the San Francisco. She leads an organization of 525 professionals responsible for the configuration, maintenance program, reliability, repair and modification of more than 500 aircraft in six United fleets and their engines and components. She is accountable for compliance with government control standards.

Dedo joined United Airlines in 1969 as an engineer in the Cabin Interior Equipment section. She went on to serve in manager, director and general manager positions in engineering, planning, airframe production and engine production. Highlights of Dedo’s career at United including facilitating the introduction of the traffic collision avoidance system by implementing a limited installation on two United aircrafts for an industry evaluation program and leading a group of 1,200 personnel in producing more than 500,000 aircraft components annually. She also has managed all power plant engineering personnel and all aircraft engineering groups in the development of all maintenance program content and projects required to alter configuration and achieve reliability.

Dedo began her career at the Lockheed Missiles and Space Company as an aerodynamics conducting research and wind tunnel tests for a missile maneuverability study.

She obtained her Bachelor of Science from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1967.