Computational Engineering

An overview of the Computational Engineering concentration within Purdue's Interdisciplinary Engineering Master's degree program.

Program Overview

The 100% online, 30-credit hour computational engineering (CS&E) concentration is packed in our Interdisciplinary Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)/Master of Science (MS) degree. This program was created for professionals who wish to build a competitive edge in a wide variety of industries. As a student in this program, you will focus heavily on computational engineering topics and technical knowledge. Purdue University's online graduate engineering program is consistently ranked in the top ten programs by US News and World Report.

Course Topical Areas:

Computational math Scientific Visualization
High-Performance Computing Computational Optimization
Intelligent Computing  

Online Plan of Study Overview

The MSE/MS master's program offers a wide range of flexibility in course options. After you begin your studies at Purdue, an academic advisor will help you create a Plan of Study (POS) to best fit your educational needs and career goals. Every POS varies based on student interest, time, and course load. 

Degree requirements checklist:

_____ total core CS&E courses (6 hours)
_____ total relevant CS&E course (3 hours)
_____ total elective courses (21 hours)

_____ total credit hours (30 hours)

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