Professor Michael Titus' Former Graduate Students

Master of Science

  • Chia-Hsiu Chang - July 2018
    • Thesis: "Solid-solution strengthening of FCC complex, concentrated alloys"
  • Austin Hernandez - May 2022
    • Thesis: "High-throughput Calculations and Experimentation for the discovery of refractory complex concentrated alloys with high hardness"
    • Co-advised with Prof. Ken Sandhage
  • Benjamin Smith - Dec 2021
    • Thesis: "Surface Roughness behavior in electrochemically-etched Fe- and Ni-based Alloys"
    • Co-advised with Prof. Tim Pourpoint
  • Sona Avetian - Aug 2021
    • Thesis: "A chemical/powder metallurgical route to fine-grained refractory alloys"
    • Co-advised with Prof. Ken Sandhage


  • Blair Francis - Dec 2022
    • Thesis: "Reduction of autoxidative fouling rates on aerospace alloys via oleophobic surface modifications"
    • Co-advised with Prof. Tim Pourpoint
  • Dongsheng Wen - May 2022
    • Thesis: "Solid-solution strengthening and suzuki segregation in Co- and Ni-based alloys"
  • Sae Matsunaga - Dec 2021
    • Thesis: "Design and processing of NiCo-based superalloys for the study of solute segregation at planar defects during high temperature deformation"
  • Shivam Tripathi - Dec 2021
    • Thesis: "Exploring the tunability of martensitic transformation in shape memory alloys via coherent second phase"
    • Co-advised with Prof. Alejandro Strachan

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Logan Ware