Keith J. Bowman

Research Interests

The Bowman research group has lead efforts to quantify and model preferred orientation and property anisotropy in metals, ceramics and composites. Coupled with this research has been the development of the processing approaches to introduce texture and anisotropy in a range of materials. Ceramics research has included elastic and fracture properties of structural materials as well as functional properties of electronic materials. This research has included the use of several different neutron and synchrotron sources to complement x-ray texture research using area detector diffraction. Professor Bowman has given plenary, invited and contributed research presentations in fifteen countries and has ongoing international collaborations with colleagues in Germany and Australia. Current research includes correlating crystallographic texture with domain orientation in poled, depoled and cyclically poled piezoelectric materials.

Recent Publications

  • J. L. Jones, E. B. Slamovich, and K. J. Bowman, “Domain Texture Distributions in Tetragonal Lead Zirconate Titanate by X-ray and Neutron Diffraction,” /J. Applied Physics/, *97*, 034113-1-6 (2005).
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