Safety Highlight: PUMA lab cleanup day

Featured here are MSE undergrads, Matt Linsin (L) and Hugh Grennan (R), organizing counter space and disposing of hazardous waste in the Polishing Lab.

This past November, the Purdue University Materials Advantage (PUMA) group, composed of MSE undergraduates, held a lab cleaning day to complete tasks submitted by laboratory PIs and MSE’s lab safety technician, Jenni Fifer. Together, our students scrubbed sinks, removed trash, disposed of hazardous waste, organized lab supplies, performed maintenance on eyewash stations, and hung maximum capacity signs on lab doors. A big thank you to Hugh Grennan, PUMA’s Safety Chair, for leading this effort and for all who participated in this event!

Connor Sullivan, MSE undergrad, performing maintenance on the eyewash station in the Powder Processing Lab.
Leela Ayyar, MSE undergraduate, labeling our teaching labs with their respective maximum capacities.

Writer: Jenni Fifer,