Research and Innovation

Research in the Purdue School of Materials Engineering (MSE) crosses a wide spectrum of research topics including processing and evaluation of high temperature materials, biological and organic materials, electronic materials, nanoscale materials and structural materials.

Purdue MSE faculty are actively engaged in collaborations with faculty from almost every discipline of physical sciences and engineering with particularly strong efforts from collaborations with Pharmacy, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Aero/Astro Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

Featured Research:

Nanocellulose opens doors for more sustainable products

A research group at Purdue is using cellulose’s properties to make more sustainable products like laminated films.

This group, led by Jeff Youngblood, professor in materials engineering, works with nanocellulose fibers to make stronger and more renewable materials than glass.

According to Youngman Yoo, a third-year graduate student in Youngblood’s research group, traditional plastics are usually made from petroleum, and making and disposing of them takes up a lot of energy.

“Plastic is very useful; we can’t live without it,” Yoo said. “However, we should know it is a main factor of carbon dioxide emission.”

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