The EEE External Advisory Council (EAC) provides leadership and advice to EEE. The EAC is composed of sixteen professionals from consulting, industry, government, and academia. The Chair of the EAC is Mr. Ken. Beache, Vice-President/COO, Shrewsberry and Associates. The EAC meets with EEE twice a year in person and twice a year by teleconference to offer advice on all aspects of EEE operations, including the degree program curricula. Profiles for two of our EAC members follow.

Ken. Beache is the current Chair of Purdue’s EEE EAC. Ken. was a founding member of Shrewsberry & Associates, LLC (Shrewsberry) in 2001. In January 2005, he was promoted to Vice President and Chief Operating Officer responsible for the development and implementation of systems and processes to support businesses growth and sustainability. Beache is also charged with building the business through outreach and marketing efforts. Ken. graduated valedictorian from Howard University with a degree in architecture. After working four years, Ken. received a fellowship to pursue a Masters of Science degree in Environmental Engineering. Along with being COO of Shrewsberry, Beache enjoys volunteering throughout the Indianapolis area.

Eric Larson was the Chair of the EEE EAC from 2012 through the fall of 2014. He is currently a Deputy Operations Manager in BP’s Remediation Management function. In this capacity, Eric leads a team that works on Retail, Pipeline, and Terminal focused environmental remediation projects. After graduating from Purdue University with a BS in Biology and a MS in Environmental Engineering in 1992, Eric joined Amoco Oil Company, which later merged into the new BP. During his 22 year career, he has served in a number of capacities including Environmental Engineer at their Whiting (IN) Refinery, Terminal Manager in their Distribution organization, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager in their Retail and Lubricants Business Units, and on the U.S. Fuel's Strategy team, before coming to their Remediation Management group in 2006. Eric is a lifetime member of the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company in Maryland serving through the rank of Captain.