EEE Insights — Summer 2015


Welcome to the summer 2015 Environmental and Ecological Engineering (EEE) newsletter. In this issue, we provide an update on the activities underway within EEE at Purdue University.

New Faculty and Staff

In fall 2014, four new faculty joined EEE as assistant professors: Amisha Shah (EEE/CE), Shweta Singh (EEE/ABE), Andrew Whelton (EEE/CE), and Zhi (George) Zhou (EEE/CE). Also joining us this past fall were two new staff members: Dr. Nadya Zyaykina (Laboratory Manager, EEE/CE) and Margaret Whelton, P.E. (Manager of Industrial Experience). More information on Drs. Singh and Whelton along with Ms. Whelton and Dr. Zyaykina are provided in this newsletter (Drs. Shah and Zhou were highlighted in the 2014 summer newsletter).

US News & World Report Rankings

In the 2015 US News and World Report lists of Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs, Purdue's EEE undergraduate program ranked 13th (tied with Cal Tech and North Carolina State) in the U.S. among environmental engineering programs. The Purdue College of Engineering ranked as the 9th best undergraduate program among doctoral-granting universities.


The EEE External Advisory Council (EAC) provides leadership and advice to EEE. The EAC is composed of sixteen professionals from consulting, industry, government, and academia. The Chair of the EAC is Mr. Ken. Beache, Vice-President/COO, Shrewsberry and Associates. The EAC meets with EEE twice a year in person and twice a year by teleconference to offer advice on all aspects of EEE operations, including the degree program curricula. Profiles for two of our EAC members follow.

EEE Awards and Recognitions

EEE students are being recognized throughout campus. Juniors Kaitlin Harris and Kimberly Reppa became public figures for Purdue while Steven Cardenas, Sydney Weiss, and Lauren Kennedy received funding to continue research/education, and Gamini Mendis received the 2015 Magoon Award.

Faculty and Staff Awards

The EEE faculty and staff are being recognized for their outstanding work. Tammi Thayer was a finalist or the College of Engineering Customer Service Award for Administrative Professionals, Dr. Nina Robinson received Purdue’s Fall 2014 Bravo Award, and Dr. Loring (Larry) Nies received the 2015 Excellence in Environmental Engineering Education Award.

EEE Research

The EEE discovery mission seeks to develop strategies for the sustainable management of ecosystems and Earth's limited resources for the benefit of future generations. Topics emphasized within the EEE research portfolio include environmental fate of air, water, and soil contaminants; sustainable urban design; water and wastewater treatment; sustainable industrial systems; bio-based materials and products; air quality, and coupled natural and human systems.

Senior Design

The EEE Senior Design course serves as the capstone project of the EEE curriculum. It engages student in hands-on projects, and allows them to experience a client-based relationship. Drs. Howarter and Nies provided academic guidance and direction for the students in senior design.

Student Involvement

Marisa Henry, Connor Wraight, and Andrew Yacinthe represent EEE in the College of Engineering Ambassador program and the EEE Student Advisory Council work to bring students and faculty together.

EEE Donor Honor Roll

This honor roll gratefully recognizes alumni, faculty, staff, and friends who contributed to Environmental and Ecological Engineering between June 2013 and May 2015. Your support is more important than ever as we grow our programs and students.
EEE Insights
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