Aditya Vikram
Aditya Vikram at Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, GA

Name: Aditya S Vikram

Birthplace: Bangalore, India

Major: Electrical Engineering

Student Classification: Junior

Name and location of company/organization where you are doing an internship: Delta Air Lines, Atlanta, GA.

Job duties: Providing aircraft engineering support, more specifically Autopilot, Navigation, Communication and Indication/Recording Systems. Among these areas, reviewing, recommending and implementing manufactures' service bulletins and other correspondence to affected fleets. Supporting Engineering Shops, Hangar and Line Maintenance in troubleshooting and proving corrective actions including repair documentation.

Why did you want to do this internship/What do you hope to gain from the experience? This Fall 2017 semester is my third Co-Op rotation with Delta Air Lines. This semester has been more focused on troubleshooting problems with the aircrafts and writing work instructions for aircraft that require electronic components to be installed/removed/modified.

What are your ultimate career goals? I have for the longest time always been interested in the Automotive Industry but I now have a new found passion for Avionics and the Aviation/Aerospace industry so my goal is to end up in either of these fields of study/engineering and excel at it.