March 2016 Newsletter

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Purdue Hyperloop team advances in SpaceX Pod Design Competition

The Purdue Hyperloop team is one of just 22 teams selected to advance to the building stage of the competition with prototypes to be tested this summer in California at the world’s first Hyperloop test track.  The multidisciplinary team comprises mostly undergraduate students from several schools and departments, including ECE.

ECE Team is one of three finalists worldwide for 2016 IEEE Signal Processing Cup

Led by Professor Stanley Chan, a group of eight ECE students is one of three finalists selected to participate in the final round of the 2016 IEEE Signal Processing Cup, to be held in March in Shanghai.  The Purdue ECE team ("Hammer Down") is the only finalist from the USA; the other two finalists are from India and Bangladesh. The 2016 Signal Processing Cup is an international undergraduate competition that explores using a time-varying signature embedded in media recordings to determine the location-of-recording.

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The Last Man on the Moon

A documentary about Apollo 17 Commander Gene Cernan (BSEE `56) was released February 26. 

“This film is the story of a boy from ‘Any Town, USA,’ who grew up in a family of modest means and with a seemingly impossible dream to fly,” said Cernan. “As fate would have it I lived that dream, becoming a Naval Aviator, which in turn gave me the opportunity to call the moon my home. I do hope people will enjoy the film, but far more important to me is my desire to inspire the passion in the hearts and minds of future generations of young men and women to see their own impossible dreams become a reality.”
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