Add/Drop/Modify Deadlines & Information

It is a student’s responsibility to be aware of the deadlines to add, drop, or modify a course. These deadlines are set by the Office of the Registrar and can always be found on their academic calendars page.

Adding or dropping a course could potentially have significant implications and thus the decision to do so should always be discussed with a student’s academic advisor.


Course Add & Drop Considerations

  • Dropping a class may mean that a future term's academic load will be heavier or that your graduation will be delayed.
  • If any courses are a co-requisite to the course you are dropping, you will be required to drop the co-requisite course as well.
  • Students are responsible for understanding any potential consequences of changing to part-time academic status should dropping a class put you below 12 credit hours. For example, financial aid eligibility and car insurance rates can sometimes be affected. International students are required to be enrolled full-time in order to maintain their visa status.
  • Although a grade of W or WF does not affect your GPA, be aware that a pattern of Ws and/or WFs can blemish your academic record. Withdrawing from a class is something that should be carefully considered.
  • If you are adding a course after the semester has started, you are solely responsible for any material that you have missed. Instructors are not required to make allowances for students who start a course late. Make sure you have discussed with the instructor how missed work will be handled before you add the course.
  • Depending on the date, several signatures may be required in order to add, drop, or modify a course. Consequentially, students should not wait until until the last minute to start the process as it may not be completed in time.


Pass/No Pass Grade Option

ECE students may take only non-technical courses with the pass/no pass grade option. This includes general education courses that permit the option and excludes all science, mathematics, and engineering courses. FYE Requirements as well as courses being used toward a minor are also excluded. ECE students can take no more than 24 credit hours under this option. A grade of at least C- must be achieved in order to pass a course taken as Pass/No Pass. Students taking a foreign language course for the purpose of receiving back credit (i.e., taking 20200 to get credit for 10100 - 20200) cannot use the Pass/No Pass option.  The deadlines for when the grade mode of a course can be modified can be found on the drop/add/modify calendar.