EE Special Content Courses

In general, seminars (excluding ECE 20000 and ECE 40000), survey courses, project courses, and "Informal Laboratory" courses are considered to be Special Content Courses. By definition, the courses with laboratory credit listed here are "Informal Laboratories". A complete list of these courses, as approved by the ECE Curriculum Committee, is given below.

The following restrictions apply to the use Special Content Courses towards BSEE degree requirements:

  • No more than a combined total of 6 credit hours of these special content courses may be used to satisfy the BSEE ECE Requirement of 47 credit hours. Excess credits can be used as Complementary Electives.
  • No more than two (2) credit hours of "Informal Laboratories" may be used to satisfy the ECE Laboratory Requirement for the BSEE degree.
ECE 495M - Mobile Communications Project - Fall 2002, Spring 2003, Fall 2003, Spring 2004, Fall 2004, Spring 2005
ECE 495W - The Wireless Revolution - Spring 2004, Fall 2004
ECE 595T - Psychophysics for Interface Engineering - Fall 2000, Fall 2001, Fall 2002