Online ECE Courses with Focus Area and Semesters Offered

Focus areas:

  • AC: Automatic Control
  • CNSIP: Communications Networks and Signal and Image Processing
  • CE: Computer Engineering
  • FO: Fields and Optics
  • MN: Microelectronics and Nanotechnology
  • PES: Power and Energy Systems
  • VLSI: VLSI and Circuit Design
Course Number Course Title Area Credits Offered
ECE 50863 Computer Network Systems CE 3 Spring
ECE51012 Electromechanics PES 3 Spring
ECE51018 Hybrid Electric Vehicles PES 3 Fall
ECE513 Diffraction, Fourier Optics, And Imaging FO 3 Fall - odd years
ECE538 Digital Signal Processing I CNSIP 3 Fall
ECE544 Digital Communications CNSIP 3 Fall - even years
ECE547 Introduction to Computer Communication Networks CE & CNSIP 3 Fall
ECE552 Introduction to Lasers FO & MN 3 Spring
ECE580 Optimization Methods for Systems and Control AC 3 Spring
ECE595 Boltzmann Law: Physics to Computing MN 1 Fall, Spring, Summer
ECE595 C1: Introduction to Compilers: Compiler Basics  CE 1 Fall
ECE595 C2: Introduction to Compilers: Code Generation  CE 1 Fall
ECE595 C3: Introduction to Compilers: Optimization  CE 1 Fall
ECE595 Q1: Applied Quantum Computing I: Fundamentals MN 1 Spring
ECE595 Q2: Applied Quantum Computing II: Hardware MN 1 Spring
ECE595 Q3: Applied Quantum Computing III: Algorithm & Software MN 1 Spring
ECE595 Essentials of Transistors MN 1 Spring
ECE595 Fundamentals of Current Flow MN 1 Fall, Spring, Summer
ECE595 Introduction to Deep Learning  CNSIP 3 Fall
ECE595 Introduction to Quantum Technology & Science  MN 3 Fall
ECE595 Introduction to Quantum Transport MN 1 Fall & Spring
ECE595 Semiconductor Fundamentals MN 1 Spring
ECE595 The Internet of Things CE 3 Fall
ECE595 Data Mining CE 3 Fall
ECE600 Random Variables and Signals - CORE CNSIP 3 Spring
ECE602 Lumped System Theory - CORE AC 3 Fall, Spring, Summer
ECE604 Electromagnetic Field Theory - CORE FO 3 Fall & Spring
ECE606 Solid State Devices I - CORE MN & VC 3 Fall & Spring
ECE608 Computational Models and Methods - CORE CE & VLSI 3 Fall
ECE610 Energy Conversion - CORE PES 3 Fall
ECE61014 Electromagnetic And Electromechanical Component Design PES 3 Fall - odd years
ECE61016 Power Electronic Converters And Systems PES 3 Fall - even years
ECE617 Antennas: Design and Application FO 3 Spring - odd years
ECE633 Modeling And Simulation Of Power System Components PES 3 Spring - even years
ECE637 Digital Image Processing I CNSIP 3 Spring - odd years
ECE680 Modern Automatic Control AC 3 Fall - odd years
ECE695 Big Data for Reliability and Security  CE 1 Fall
ECE695 Communication for Engineering Leaders Prof 1 Spring & Summer
ECE695 Fiber Optic Communications MN 1 TBD
ECE695 Nanophotonic Modeling MN 1 TBD
ECE695 Programmable Accelerator Architectures CE 3 Spring
ECE695 Quantum Detectors MN 1 Spring
ECE695 Quantum Detectors And Sensors MN 3 Fall
ECE695 Quantum Networks MN 1 Spring
ECE695 RF1: Primer on RF Design FO 1 Fall
ECE695 RF3: RF Design: Passive and Active Components FO 1 Fall
ECE695 RF2: RF System Design FO 1 Fall
ECE695 Time Domain Simulation & Optimization for Design PES 1 Fall & Spring
ECE695 EP1: Into to Math. Fund. for Systems and Control Theory AC 1 Spring
ECE695 EP2: Epidemic Processes  AC 1 Spring
ECE695 EP3: Epidemics Over Networks  AC 1 Spring