Online Track Degree Requirements

About this track: This track is designed for students who want to earn a high-quality MSECE without relocating to campus. Typical students in this track work full time in industry.  

Timeline: Students have up to 6 years to complete the MSECE. Most students working full time typically take one class or 3 credit hours each semester.  

Degree requirements:

  • Total credit hours: 30, including at least 15 credit hours of graduate-level ECE credits
  • Required ECE core courses: 2 (6 credit hours)
    • One core course from the student’s primary area and a second that adds breadth of ECE knowledge.
  • Required math courses: 2 (6 credit hours)
    • These courses are offered online and can be used to fulfill the math requirement:
      • MA 51100, Linear Algebra with Applications
      • MA 52700, Advanced Mathematics for Engineers I
        • If you have limited knowledge of linear algebra, MA511 is recommended first.
      • MA 52800, Advanced Mathematics for Engineers II
        • Can be taken without taking MA511 or MA527 first.
      • Any STAT course on this list.
  • Allowed graduate-level credit hours from outside ECE (ME, IE, CS, STATS, etc.): 9

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my diploma state that I completed coursework online?

No. Additionally, we offer only one MS degree, the MSECE. All of our Master’s students earn the same degree, regardless of MS track. 

What GPA do I need to earn the MSECE?

You must have a plan-of-study GPA of 3.0 to successfully complete the MSECE. Graduate-level transfer courses are not included in your GPA calculation.