Online Track Degree Requirements

About this track: This track is designed for students who want to earn a high-quality MSECE without relocating to campus. Typical students in this track work full time in industry.  

Timeline: Students have up to 6 years to complete the MSECE. Most students working full time typically take one class or 3 credit hours each semester.  

Requirements: The table below summarizes the curriculum requirements for the online track. 

Required Total Credit Hours on Plan of Study


Required Core Courses

2 courses; 6 credit hours

Total Required Graduate-Level ECE Credit Hours


Required Math Credit Hours


Allowed graduate-level credits from outside ECE

(ME, IE, CS, STATS, etc.)


Core course requirement: Two core courses are required, one from the student’s primary area core course and a second that adds breadth of ECE knowledge. Regional campus courses or transfer courses do not satisfy the core course requirement.

Math requirement: A minimum of 6 approved math credit hours are required for this track. The following courses are offered online and can be used to fulfill the math requirement:

Course Number

Course Title

MA 51100

Linear Algebra with Applications

Recommended before you take ECE602

MA 52700

Advanced Mathematics for Engineers I (not allowed for CNSIP area)

If you have limited knowledge of linear algebra, MA511 is recommended first.

MA 52800

Advanced Mathematics for Engineers II

Can be taken without taking MA511 or MA527 first

STAT 51400

Design of Experiments (allowed only for CE area)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my diploma state that I completed coursework online?

No. Additionally, we offer only one MS degree, the MSECE. All of our Master’s students earn the same degree, regardless of MS track. 

What GPA do I need to earn the MSECE?

You must have a plan-of-study GPA of 3.0 to successfully complete the MSECE. Graduate-level transfer courses are not included in your GPA calculation.