Course-only Track Degree Requirements

About this track: Students in this track satisfy degree requirements solely through academic courses. This track deepens a student’s understanding of ECE subject matter far beyond that of an undergraduate. This track positions students well to earn a PhD, start a career in industry, or move into other professions such as medicine, business, finance, or law.

Timeline: Most course-only track students complete the MSECE in two academic years.

Degree requirements:

  • Total credit hours: 30, including at least 15 credit hours of graduate-level ECE credits
  • Required ECE core courses: 2 (6 credit hours)
    • One core course from the student’s primary area and a second that adds breadth of ECE knowledge.
  • Required math courses: 2 (6 credit hours)
  • Required graduate seminar: All course-only students must complete ECE 69400: Graduate Seminar.
    • This is a zero-credit-hour course that does not go on your plan of study.
    • We recommend that you take course this during your first or second semester.
  • Allowed graduate-level credit hours from outside ECE (ME, IE, CS, STATS, etc.): 9
  • Allowed ECE 69600 (Advanced EE Projects) or ECE 69700 (Directed Reading EE) credit hours: 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course-only track suitable if I want to continue on to earn a PhD?

Yes. See more information here: Continuing to a PhD.

What GPA do I need to earn the MSECE?

You must have a plan-of-study GPA of 3.0 to successfully complete the MSECE. Graduate-level transfer courses are not included in your GPA calculation.