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July 23, 2014

ME 597 - System ID

System ID is being offered in Fall 2014. The course has been taught thrice, and has been approved for a permanent number by the ME faculty (the issue of the number will take a few more months).

Some of you had already expressed interest in the class. If you or someone you know needs to do experimental work and identify dynamic models from data, or gain greater depth for adaptive control/signal processing, please send the details to them so they can enroll. I am attaching the syllabus and course schedule for Fall 2014.

Another advantage this time will be that the videos taken for the online version of the course last fall will be available for students who take the class. The course syllabus is attached.

I just realized that the System ID course description is erroneous in the course catalog. It reads very different from the actual course: 

System Identification - 65712 - ME 59700 - Lecture

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: ISBN: 9780470142509 -- Alternative Energy Systems & Applications
Author: Hodge, B.K.
Publisher: Wiley

This is completely irrelevant to the course--given that the course has had a syllabus three times before. I just found out because some incoming grad students sent me an email about the incongruity between the course title and the required textbook.

Kartik B. Ariyur
Assistant Professor
School of Mechanical Engineering