Giving to Purdue ECE

Advances in technology pioneered by the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) since its founding in 1888 have enabled tremendous change in the way we live and helped shape our modern world. But with great progress come complex challenges.

Through Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University, which includes the College of Engineering's strategic growth initiative, our School is poised to expand to meet the increasing need for highly trained engineers


From our start as a handful of classes offered by the Department of Physics, ECE has grown to consistently rank among the nation's top 10 programs. This is due in no small part to our faculty, a group of over 100 internationally recognized researchers and committed educators. Our faculty's strength is evidenced by their leadership in the Preeminent Teams initiative, a multidisciplinary entrepreneurial pitch competition in the College of Engineering. ECE faculty are represented on eight of the ten teams funded.

Our faculty's international prominence has attracted more than 500 PhD students, the highest number in our history. To maintain our position as a top program, we must continue to recruit top researchers while simultaneously strengthening our current faculty.


At nearly 2,000 strong, our growing student body is our largest yet. As we expand, ECE will call on alumni and supporters to invest in our students' success, particularly by increasing graduate fellowship support. Our master's and PhD candidates are more than just students: they play a role as co-researchers and -creators with our faculty, as well as tutors, advisors, and lab instructors to our undergraduates. Providing endowed scholarships and fellowships is integral to our recruitment efforts and, ultimately, our preeminence in the field.


Cutting-edge educational techniques necessitate classrooms and labs built for modern technology, and so plans are underway to renovate existing ECE facilities. The MSEE building is currently under renovation, providing much-needed enhancements of labs, offices, and student spaces, greatly increasing the building's efficiency and accessibility.

How you can help

At a time when government funding for higher education is waning, we look to private support from our loyal alumni and donors to help us continue to fulfill our land-grant mission. Your gift of any size in support of faculty, students, or facilities will be instrumental in allowing ECE students to thrive in the years ahead.

2012-2019 Campaign Initiatives


Unrestricted funds allow ECE to respond quickly to unexpected needs and challenges and to explore cutting-edge ideas. Maintaining a certain level of unrestricted reserves offers ECE the long-term flexibility and resources needed to train and develop the leaders of tomorrow in innovation and research.


To maintain our international preeminence in engineering education, we must recognize and reward our top faculty. Additional endowed professorships and endowed Rising Star positions for early- to mid-career faculty are critically important to recruiting and keeping the sharpest and most ambitious minds.


The expansion of ECE's extremely talented student body will rely heavily on the availability of opportunities. To recruit the best students in such a competitive environment, ECE must increase the number of endowed scholarships for undergraduate students and endowed fellowships for graduate students.


ECE must have the teaching and learning spaces to match its extraordinary research, faculty, and curriculum. Support for facilities allows for the enhancement of labs, student collaboration spaces, and faculty offices that best complement our outstanding programs.