How to Apply for Admission to the PMP

Applicants to the Chemical Engineering Professional M.S. Program must complete the Purdue University Graduate School's online application to be considered for admission. Applications are reviewed and admittance is offered on a rolling basis, though we encourage prospective students to apply early as possible.

Important Updates

Considering the recent COVID-19 events currently impacting the world, the ChE Professional M.S. Program has waived the GRE requirement for application to the PMP. If you are able to take the GRE exam, and would like to submit your scores, you may do so. However, your application will not be impacted negatively if you do not submit GRE scores.

Application Deadlines

  First Round Second Round Final Round
Fall Entry: January 15 April 15 June 15
Spring Entry*: October 1 November 1 -
Summer Entry: No Entry

*Please note that spring entry is only offered to students with a previous degree in chemical engineering. Students without a degree in chemical engineering are only admitted for fall entry.

Admission Requirements

Application Checklist

Application Checklist

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