Study Abroad for Chemical Engineering Students

If you are planning to travel in 2022 please read through this guidance from the Office of Study Abroad (

Chemical Engineering students have the option to pursue study abroad in a variety of ways. For semester-long study abroad our School has agreements with many universities around the world. Please refer to the list below for course equivalencies that have previously been approved for our students (by country):


Students should explore these and other programs connected with the university through the Purdue study abroad website.  Information about admission requirements, semester availability and more is provided by the Office of Study Abroad.

For more information regarding study abroad opportunities and course equivalencies, please contact the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Office. 

Photos of United Kingdom and Netherlands

Additional Information

Students will only be allowed to participate in one short-term program to maximize the number of students who experience study abroad. Priority will be given to seniors and juniors and GPA will play an important role in selection of participants.

Any short-term study abroad program (Spring Break, Maymester, Summer) may be used to fulfill the Technical Selective, General Education Elective, or General Education Elective - Upper Level in the Chemical Engineering degree requirements.