Chemical Engineering Graduate Program Information 

The Charles D. Davidson School of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University has been educating future leaders in chemical engineering for over 100 years. This tradition of excellence is combined with a passion to push the boundaries of chemical engineering as it pertains to energy solutions, clean water production, advanced manufacturing, pharmaceutical innovation, biological engineering, and the improvement of human health. With over 30 faculty members, including 6 National Academy of Engineering (NAE) members and 2 National Medal of Technology recipients, leading teams of postdoctoral researchers and graduate students who are performing cutting-edge research, the research portfolio of the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering is continuously evolving to address the most pressing needs of society. Critical to this success is the interdisciplinary nature of the experimental, computational, and theoretical work we perform. With this history and infrastructure established, our current and future graduate students have the ability to make significant marks during their time in either of our two graduate-level programs.

Specifically, we offer the following two distinct degree tracks for students to choose from, with approximately 175 graduate students enrolled between these two programs.
  • a Ph.D. Program that allows doctoral students to delve deep into the study of a subfield for 4-5years
  • a 1-year Professional M.S. Program aimed at providing advanced technical and management training to aspiring industrial leaders in chemical engineering.
Because of this world-class training and the paradigm-shifting results that occur during their educational experiences, M.S. and Ph.D. alumni from the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering have the skills and creative thinking abilities that allow them to be leaders in academia, national laboratories, government and policy roles, private consulting corporations, and in chemical industry. In this way, our graduates continue to shape the future of chemical engineering and its related fields. Because of this fact, we are consistently placed among the top chemical engineering programs in the nation, ranking in the top 10 programs at public universities in the United States, as determined by US News & World Reports. Moreover, we are always looking to recruit the next class of brilliant, enthusiastic, and dedicated postdoctoral researchers and students to lead the chemical engineering field for the upcoming decades.